The Intercultural Mediation Course

The Intercultural Mediation Course (IMC) gives local students from four participating high schools in the Menashe region the skills to mediate conflict in their homes, schools and communities.  Students will learn that listening to each other’s perspective, and knowing that they will be heard, are the basis for solving conflict at all levels.

Students attending this course will learn to prevent getting caught in the traps of misunderstandings to improve student life at their schools.


The Intercultural Mediation Course is a joint venture of GHIS and the regional Menashe Mediation Center

The Intercultural Mediation Course

IMC offers:

  • practical tools to better deal with interpersonal conflicts and tensions;
  • innovative tools from the world of mediation;
  • workshops that combine theoretical study, case analyses, exercises, training videos, and role play;
  • 12 face-to-face meetings of 5 academic hours each;
  • the course is conducted in the English language;
  • a certificate of completion of a basic mediation course recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

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Candidates are required to demonstrate adequate proficiency in conversational English.