Join Horizons, the GHIS summer program, for travel, volunteering, leadership training, and friendship.

Horizons is suitable for serious, open-minded teens, aged 15 to 17, seeking to experience the rich diversity of life in Israel.  

International youth join Arab and Jewish youth from Israel, to have fun and learn together about each other’s culture, traditions and religions. 

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Participants will be based at the Givat Haviva campus, 40 minutes north of Tel Aviv and will include overnight stays when travelling further afield.

Travelling the length and breadth of Israel begins following the orientation period. Tours will incorporate holy places from all religions.

Horizons has four elements:

Explore Israel

  • Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Mediterranean and Dead Sea
  • Judean Desert, Masada, Bedouin experience 
  • Carmel and Gilboa Mountains, Galilee and Golan Heights and more!


  • Meeting local leaders active in politics, religion, shared society and more
  • Leadership activities on campus


The program will incorporate volunteering days in different arenas, such as fruit-picking, soup kitchens and summer camps for underprivileged children.

Long-lasting friendships

Horizons creates a strong community bond as diverse international and Israeli participants absorb the essence of building a shared community.

July 2023

COST  to be announced in 2023
*not including flights and medical insurance for international participants 

**Discount of $500 on full payment before 31 May

All GHIS programs follow Covid procedures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

“The Ofosu family say thank you all for such a wonderful experience. We are very grateful to the organization and the organizers. God bless you all.”
“A grateful thanks to the organizers for such an eventful and memorable time in Israel. A special prayer while you travel back. I will forever be grateful for the experience that was given to Willow. Thank you, thank you!”
“A huge thank you to all organizers and counselors for taking such wonderful care of our children. You have provided them with an experience that will last a lifetime! Many thanks to all of you!”
“Thank you for everything you did with our kids. You made so much effort and we are very grateful. It was a new experience for me as a mom. You helped us to see the ‘other side’ in a different and interesting way. And we so appreciated your constant updates. Looking forward to seeing you again next year – inshallah.”
Parent from Nazareth
“Itamar has enjoyed Horizons very much, and would have been happy if the program had continued much longer. Itamar can be shy and introverted so I was pleased that he agreed to participate. It’s amazing how he opened up and how much confidence he gained. Thank you so much. We have one very happy child!”
Parent from Herzliya

For further information, contact:

Clare King Lassman

David Zehavi

Hebrew Literature

David joined GHIS because he was looking for the right educational establishment to develop personally and professionally. As soon as he heard about GHIS, he realized that it suits his values.

“As someone who has always been committed to coexistence in Israel, I see GHIS as a great vehicle to bring young people together in an accepting and non-prejudicial way.”

As well as being a teacher, David is also trained in special needs education at all school levels.

David holds a joint Honors B.Ed.  in Special Education ages 6 to 21, and BA in Literature at Oranim College