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Welcome to GHIS, an exciting and exceptional international high-school.

GHIS has been designed to allow young people a world-class educational experience that equips them with the appropriate tools, knowledge, and skills for life in a diverse globalized society. We offer our students the internationally acclaimed IB Diploma Programme, a ground-breaking and award-winning extra-curriculum program, life in a thriving campus, and a team of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated educators.

Our mission is to develop a network of young leaders who promote shared, just and inclusive societies in the world. We believe that this mission is imperative in today’s world, as we observe social polarization and crises across the globe. Givat Haviva has been doing exactly that for 69 years, so for us, GHIS is a step forward on solid ground. We see leadership as the agency, power, and desire to connect people in order to make the world a better place.

Our most important commitment is to our students. We are committed to their well-being at all times, to their personal growth, and to their academic success. For that purpose, we operate extensive support systems ranging from pastoral and emotional care, highly-trained boarding staff, a learning support center one-on-one tutoring, a well-equipped library, access to online university libraries, careers counseling and guidance through the university application process. We make sure that each of our students is escorted by a teacher-mentor throughout their two years at school in order to holistically support our students’ development and well-being.

Above all GHIS is a community of eager and passionate leaders. We believe in people. We believe in education. We believe that our graduates will carry our mission and expertise and go forward to transform the world by connecting people and making their societies fairer, more just and more inclusive, wherever they are.


Yuval Dvir,  GHIS Director of Studies

Yuval Dvir
Yuval Dvir
Yuval Dvir  |  coordinator@gh-is.org

Doctoral programme candidate, UCL, Institute of Education, London M.A., M.Mus.

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University Counseling

Our career guidance and university counselling service  supports students throughout the entire university application process.  Through group and individual meetings our counselors, offering advice, exposing students to guidelines and deadlines and providing students with the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

Throughout their stay at GHIS, students will be provided with guidance for the university application processes.