OECD Schools+ Network

GHIS is honored to have been invited to join the OECD Schools+ Network. This is in recognition of our achievements over our first five years. It will give us an opportunity to further expand our educational reach. We now belong to a learning circle of schools which is expected to shape the global educational conversation in […]

Democracy in Action at GHIS

Record number running for Student Leadership!! Twelve students are hoping to represent their peers with the school’s administration to improve the GHIS community experience on campus. At GHIS, our students learn to advocate for themselves and others and have fun doing it. Check out their campaign posters.

Students Exhibit at Local Gallery

Our senior students recently exhibited their art in a local gallery. Friends, family and members of the public were impressed by the art works and also the meaning behind them. The exhibition showcased the freedom of expression and exploration that students are granted at GHIS.

Climate March 2021

Last Friday, October 29, GHIS students joined the annual Climate March in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to march for climate justice and take action to fight climate change. View this post on Instagram A post shared by GHIS (@ghis_school)   View this post on Instagram A post shared by GHIS (@ghis_school)

Getting Up to Speed in English

Since all IB classes are in English, it is imperative that we help our students from non-English-speaking countries raise their language competency as quickly as possible.  One exciting way that we will do this with our 10th grade class is through a wonderful group of volunteers in Santa Barbara, California. These volunteers will be personal […]