After School Activities

GHIS extracurricular activities and programs take place on campus and within the local communities.

Givat Haviva’s Educational Center is equipped with modern academic facilities.

The campus library, Learning Center and Lounge offer a co-learning environment for informal study groups after school hours. An arts center, language center and mediation center offer additional facilities for extracurricular learning. Our Arts Center offers various activities as part of the school curriculum and extracurricular hours.

On campus events, including guest speakers, gatherings, conferences, and cultural events are open to GHIS students.

Special extracurricular programs take advantage of Israel’s unique natural diversity and rich history, offering maritime education, diverse hiking experiences, cultural immersion, archaeological expeditions and field trips in Israel.

Sports and athletic activities enjoyed by students include soccer, basketball, running, ultimate frisbee, and yoga. The school has a swimming pool, fitness center, gym, turf field, basketball court, and outdoor training facilities.