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Site Specific Me


Visual art class 2019 GHIS

Manat Abu Samara| Hansley Agbo| Diana Bergman| Gent Cervadiku| Mina Dagash| Leary Dewit| Raz Fliederbaum| Vazgen Gassparayan| Yara Genaiem| Lili Hovahnnisiyan|                          Askenaz Hovahnnisiyan| Zemfira Ibragimova| Mayar Jubran| Kyla Kaplan|Daria Khomiakova| Ariel Kiesler| Uri Klempner| Wajd  Mahajna| Elia Pavlik-Dardel| Noga Smooha|                        Samuel  Van Leeuwen| Sam Weinberg

Curator: Efrat Gal Shemesh

Visual art class of 2019 is proud to present the first ever exhibition of GHIS. The exhibition you are about to see is a glimpse into what we have gone through this year. These are the creations of twenty-two talented and unique students, with a variety of cultural backgrounds and different stories to tell.

The name of the exhibition “Site Specific Me” is based on the art term “Site Specific,” which means an artwork that was created to exist in a certain place. In other words, the location was taken into account while planning and creating the artwork.  Few months ago, the class learned about site-specific art and did some basic practice in the place where we are standing right now- the old library of Givat Haviva.

This building was designed by Mr. Shmuel Mestechkin, an Israeli architect who was a former Bauhaus student and one of the leaders of the “International Style” movement in the 1930’s.

This tower, with its modest and modern design, was the center of a library complex and called “The Spirit Tower.”  Until the early 80‘s the building was used as a library and knowledge center for Hashomer Hatzair. The visual art class gets to present in the abandoned tower just before its renovation to serve as an advanced learning center for GHIS.

Site Specific Me is not only about presenting in the historical site of the old library, but also about the unique experience of each student in the specific site of GHIS in Israel. It is about being who you are in new, challenging, and diverse surroundings. Some students left home, a 15-minute drive from Givat Haviva, while some students made a long journey from other continents.

This first year of living and learning together in Givat Haviva was a meaningful journey that left its impact on each individual. Students were forced to open their minds to experiences and stories they were not familiar with, some offer perspectives, which seems to contradict with what they know about themselves and their surroundings. These encounters made each student look inside and, on one had, emphasize lines in her or his own identity and heritage, on the other side, reexamine beliefs and agendas.

In their artistic journey students examined different components of their identity- nationality, gender, ideologies, beliefs and dreams. It sparked the gap between the way I feel and the way others see me, between the superficiality of labels and stereotypes and the complexity of a multi- layered self.

The exhibition opens an opportunity for each student to fill in a place in the school and in the world. To say- here I am, this is who I am. Often what we wish to express is complicated, delicate or touches painful wounds but art has its way to contain it all.

Through the year we practiced the use of the language of art- language of composition, shape and color. The varied art works that the students are presenting are an implement of the new language, which they acquire. They use different techniques and methods to deliver their messages- from drawing and painting to installation and video art, traditional and contemporary, some in an extraverted manner some in an introverted one.

Making art is usually a personal and lonely process, but this exhibition also reveals a beautiful net of connections and friendships, which is stretched up in front of you. Students participated in each other’s projects, playing different roles and helped each other in many ways- giving inspiration, support and advice.

Uri Klempner
Uri Klempner
Vazgen Gassparayan
Vazgen Gassparayan
Elia Pavlik Dardel
Elia Pavlik Dardel
Diana Bergman
Diana Bergman
Gent Cervadiko
Gent Cervadiko
Hansley Agbo
Hansley Agbo