Study at GHIS

GHIS Educational Vision

We believe a new generation of effective leaders is needed to address the underlying causes of conflict and social division from the bottom up.  GHIS brings together promising young people from diverse communities to complete an intensive program of intellectual growth, conflict resolution training and leadership development.

The GHIS Learning Model

The GHIS residential leadership learning model combines the following core components:

  • Diversity:

    Recruit a diverse student body entering the 11th grade from within Israel, the Middle East and around the world committed to the GHIS vision of shared society and a peaceful world;

  • Excellence

    Develop their skills through a rigorous, internationally recognized two-year IB Diploma Programme, combining academic training and customised support services for English and academic mastery, university guidance and identifying higher education opportunity pathways;

  • Connection to Real-life Situations:

    Through applied problem solving, simulation and social entrepreneurship students gain the skills, experience and confidence needed to think outside the box and go into the world and create change.

  • Lasting Commitment:

    Graduates of GHIS stay connected through the lifelong alumni program to form a network of committed leaders for shared society across communities, countries and regions across the world.

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University Counseling

Our career guidance and university counselling service  supports students throughout the entire university application process.  Through group and individual meetings our counselors, offering advice, exposing students to guidelines and deadlines and providing students with the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

Throughout their stay at GHIS, students will be provided with guidance for the university application processes.