CAS Program

CAS or creativity, activity, service, is a core component of the IB. This is a co-curricular program which provides students with the opportunity to be creative, do physical activity and volunteer.

In order to receive the IB diploma, student must complete their CAS requirements, however, at GHIS, CAS is an essential part of the students’ GHIS experience.

Students may participate in already-existing programs or may propose new ones, they can actively lead programs or sign up as participants. Furthermore, it provides students who do not take the same courses the chance to connect with other students. Some examples of CAS activities which will enrich students’ experiences in a glocal (Global-Local) manner.

  • In the eyes of the other – Photography project where student learn how to consider the perspective of peers from different cultures through the use of camera. This project can be mimicked in various conflictual situations in Israel and abroad.
  • English tutoring – Fluency in English is critical for college and career success, and, along with math, is one of the most challenging subjects for kids in Israel. English studies in Israel start at a young age, but kids do not have the opportunities for practice that they need to develop fluency in speaking. Our students will have the opportunity to volunteer as English tutors and help kids practice this essential skill.
  • Conferences (TED, peace) – time management and human resources may prove to be difficulties in organizing conferences
  • Model United Nations
  • Committees: All students will be a part of one of the five student run committees that determine extracurricular activities and social events on campus. These committees include Politics, Sustainability, Social Engagement, Culture, and Community.

Other activities include:

  • Ceramics
  • Dancing
  • Sport
  • Philosophy Club
  • Sign Language Classes
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Yoga and Mindfulness
  • As well as various volunteering opportunities in the community. This includes working with special needs adults, teaching English, and working in a greenhouse.
Project week

Project week is a CAS requirement, it takes place once per year, and it provides students with the
opportunity to explore diverse themes. A project may be based on volunteering, experiential learning, or others, the are many options and degrees of flexibility, which allow students to truly benefit from this week.

Students are encouraged to participate in a project week beyond the GHIS campus, which will provide them in depth knowledge about their host country, Israel. Planning and execution are crucial to a successful project week and students are expected to work as a team in order to design the best project week possible. Throughout this week, students may put into practice skills and knowledge that they have acquired. Cultural projects with local and global partners will involve sharing art, music, dance and theater as an intercultural bridge to foster friendship and understanding.